Desgaste plays with fashion trends making them of its own, although always faithful to its values and identity.

The look is characterized by a genuine urban style, at the same time that comfortable and feminine.

Each collection, offers a wide range of products rich in details, constantly looking for a great quality and natural look, joined/united to a traditional handmade manufacture in Spain.


Desgaste is an Spanish family company established in Requena (Valencia) in 1990. Throughout its history, its philosophy has always been supported by three fundamentals/ essentials pillars, the manufacture of its products in Spain, the continuous update of the collections and the personalized attention to clients.

This philosophy has helped the brand grow year after year up to consolidate its presence in different countries, such as Spain, France and Portugal among others through more than 280 point of sale.

 Nowadays, Desgaste is in process of international growth, included in its strategic plan from 2017 to 2019.